Addendum and other downloads

Here supplied is a printable addendum to The Cape Orchids, to be refined over time. This is to help address information shortfalls, provide new photographs, introduce new publications, record nomenclatural changes, and make general corrections to the book. The PDF will be updated periodically and is available for download in either high- or low-resolution formats, and could be printed and placed in the book itself or stored digitally.

To download the high-resolution PDF (10.7 MB), CLICK HERE
To download the low-resolution PDF (1.4 MB), CLICK HERE

To appreciate finer detail in the various images, zoom the high-resolution PDF, which is also the preferable format for printing purposes. The low-resolution PDF is supplied for quick reference.

Our recent article on Disa tenuis may be DOWNLOADED HERE. As mentioned in the addendum, the article, Liltved, W. & Russell, G. 2012. An intriguing Cape orchid - The distinctive forms of Disa tenuis Lindl. Veld & Flora 98: 108111, updates the treatment of this species in the book.

A recent article on Acrolophia ustulata may be DOWNLOADED HERE. This was published in Veld & Flora 101: 32-34. Information on this intriguing species featured on pages 889 to 892 of the book, is supplemented.

Cape Orchids index PDF

There have been requests for a PDF of the index to be made available on-line. Please CLICK HERE to download.